BESPOKE 30 Choir Social Media Image Bundle

Marketing and recruitment is an essential part of your choir programme, and it starts with your first posts - the publicity to join your choir. 

And you need posts that stand out in the feed as people scroll.  

But you want to spend your time prepping for your sessions, and singing with your choir - getting into the music, not spending hours on your laptop designing social media posts.

The truth is, you may be very capable of making fun post images on Canva or even just happy using photos, but your time is precious. And if you had to choose, it probably will be singing with your choir hands down.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could make all those branded images for you? 

Hi there! I’m Beth. 

I’m the creator behind the Bespoke 30 Choir Social Media Image Bundle. I’ve been in the community choir leading world since January 2017. I still remember creating my first Facebook page the November before. I used this page to launch and grow my very first community choir. 

I sat down and started posting. And shortly after I began, I started taking enquiries from people wanting to join my choir. 

It wasn’t tricky for me and I’ve always loved designing posts. I figured out ways to get my message across. 

I’ve crafted 100’s of recruitment posts. I’ve also deleted a lot that weren’t working for me too. I’ve even mastered the way to set up those posts so that I don’t need to be glued to social media every day, but that's a different story.

Recently people have started asking me if I would design their post images, to help cut down their work. It's a win-win. I love designing and you get post images to use over and over.

Imagine being able to: 

> Have your own library of choir images which are complete with your logo and brand
> Recruit more people with eye catching posts
> Restore more time for yourself and your choir to focus on singing and performing. 

The Bespoke 30 Choir Social Media Image Bundle is for you. It contains 30 images with your logo and choir colours and feature photos of your choir that you supply. You can have a mix of singing quote posts, recruitment posts and general awareness raising posts.

How does it work? 

STEP 1: Sign up

STEP 2: Read the notes and complete the online information form.

STEP 3: Upload your choir photos and logo into our shared folder which you will receive.

STEP 4: Review your first 15 post images before the second 15 are made.

STEP 5: Job complete and download all of your images.

I’m ready to receive those choir post images, made specially for me!


How long do I have access to the images? 
You will have lifetime use of the images once they are made and your have downloaded them. Once they have your logo and choir brand they are yours. Your shared folder will remain active for 14 days after completion.

How quickly can I receive my images?

We will aim to turn your images around to you in 3-5 working days from receipt of all the requested information, copy and photos.

What if I am unhappy with my purchase? 
I don’t want that! So you will be consulted at least twice during the process to confirm your are happy with the style. This will be your opportunity to provide feedback.

What will I need to provide?
You will need to provide good quality photos of your choir - the more active and enaged, the better. Plus I will ask you for you logo and what your choir colours are. Your colours can also be specified using a hex colour chart. If you would like specific text written on any of the posts, you will need to give that too.

Do you write the text for the post itself? 
Our aim is to give you a set of post images that you use over and over throughout the year. We provide you  with bespoke images only not the text that you might write to accompany them.

In what format are the files? 
The files are saved in your shared folder in .jpeg format.

Let us create the perfect set of engagement images for your choir social media. 

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