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The Inspire Club - Membership Hub

An online membership, making it easy to put inspiring community choir leader training, colleagues and resources in your hands.

The Community Choir Facebook Recruitment Plan and Mini-Course

Do you want to attract new people to join your choir? Facebook is still a great free tool for marketing. But how can you optimise the level of engagement to help you recruit more choir members. And all the while without spending a penny on ads.

CANVA TEMPLATE 26 Singing Quote Posts

Create the posts you need to encourage more people to take up singing in your choir!

You have tonnes of ideas for social media posts about why singing is great for you. But you haven't got the time or know how to get them made and posted.

We've done the work for you so that you can work less and sing more!

The Creative Choir Leader Group

Join our FREE choir leader Facebook community.

With over 1.3K choir leader members from around the globe, our community is great space for choir leaders or those people interested in leading a choir to ask questions and share ideas.

FREEBIE Warm Up songs

Who wants 5 FREE warm up songs, with downloadable score and audio?

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